chilli con carne

Chilli con carne

The hot & spicy, heart-warming classic – meal that I cook quite often, since I love how filling and delicious it is. This is my favorite way to make chilli con carne. Read More

Orkiszowe Kannelbullar

Spelt Kannelbullar

Autumn is for a wonderful taste and smell of cinnamon and cardamom. I add these spices almost everywhere – to my coffee, tea, porridge, cakes…this time I came back in time to April, when I visited – so cold! – Stockholm. The only rescue for the cold weather was fika – a time for coffee with cinnamon cake. In my recipe I haven’t used plain flour, but the rest is close to the original. May I present you – spelt kannelbullar. Read More

Dyniowe korzenne nerniczki

Pumpkin spice raw cakes

This is just amazing, I promise you! Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free cashew pumpkin spice raw cakes. They taste delicious, they look fantastic, they are healthy and super easy to make. Be careful! Once you try them out you will want to make them over and over again! Read More

FIT orkiszowy chlebek bananowy ze śliwkami

Spelt banana bread with plums

Bananas, plums, chocolate, spices…what else do you need when there’s autumnal fog outside the window and colorful leaves clinging to shoes? Gluten-free, dietetic, sugar-free – FIT spelt banana bread with plums! Read More

Tagliatelle z sosem śmietanowym z kurkami i gorgonzolą

Creamy gorgonzola tagliatelle with chantarelles

Fast, easy and delicious pasta for lazy autumn days. When it’s raining outside and you just need some comfort food to accompany with your glass of wine this will be perfect – creamy gorgonzola tagliatelle with chanterelles. Read More

Pumpkin buckwheat – spelt pancakes with pumpkin plum jam

Pumpkin buckwheat – spelt pancakes with pumpkin plum jam

There’s no such thing as too many pancakes for breakfast. This time I’ve taken advantage of colorful fall season – here there are – pumpkin buckwheat – spelt pancakes with pumpkin plum jam. No added sugar, gluten – free, aromatic and full of spices. Read More

Placuszki cukiniowo – marchewkowe z mąką ryżową

Zucchini – carrot savory pancakes

Quick and easy breakfast or light lunch or dinner. Combined with yogurt garlic sauce it’s a perfect meal. Healthy, light, fit zucchini – carrot savory pancakes. Read More

Czekoladowe muffiny cukiniowo-marchewkowe z borówkami

Chocolate zucchini – carrot muffins with blueberries

Without sugar, vegan (if you use vegetable milk), with surprising addition of vegetables. They are moist, sweet, veeery chocolate with deliciously crunchy nuts inside. An absolute guilt-free dessert that you can eat without end and without any pangs of guilt. Since I made them they are my favorite muffins – chocolate zucchini – carrot muffins with blueberries. Read More

Pesto z liści rzodkiewki

Radish leaves pesto

Have you been throwing out radish leaves usually? You won’t do it anymore, after you try this radish leaves pesto. It tastes amazing, having an intensive flavor and it’s full of vitamins. Just remember to use fresh, ecological leaves and clean them thoroughly! Read More

Błyskawiczna kasza jaglana z bobem i botwinką

Millet groats with chard and fava beans

You don’t have time to cook, but you still want to eat healthy, seasonal and quite cheap? Try this millet groats with chard and fava beans that you will prepare in less than 15 minutes! Read More