Mleczne risotto z kalafiorem

Milk cauliflower risotto

I reckon that cauliflower is such an underestimated vegetable. No one get crazy about it, when it is perfect for so many savory and sweet (yes!) meals. You can roast it, fry it, cook it or – make a creamy milk cauliflower risotto. Read More

Niebieski pudding chia z bananowym smoothie z mango

Butterfly pea chia pudding with mango smoothie

I brought from Thailand a lot of tasty spices and snacks. One of the were beautiful dried flowers of Butterfly Pea. They can change every dessert into a magical one, since they give it an amazing blue color. Usually Thai people use it to color rice for the famous mango sticky rice. Mine recipe is a healthy variation of this one. Read More

Spaghetti cukiniowe z pesto z rukoli

Zucchini spaghetti with rucola pesto

Fresh, easy, vegan and guilt-free zucchini spaghetti with rucola pesto. Because who said that pasta has to be made out of carbs? You can have it as a salad or prepare a bigger portion and serve as a main meal. It will be perfect for hot, summer days when you don’t want to spend a whole day in the hot kitchen. Read More

Pomarańczowa kawa mrożona

Orange ice coffee

When it’s summer I’m addicted to cold brew coffee. I prepare it myself and keep it in the fridge. But this year summer hit us in Poland, without any warning (I’m not complaining though!). I wanted my cold brew, but didn’t want to wait 12 hours or more. So I made orange ice coffee. Read More

Warzywne stir-fry orzechowo-tamaryndowe

Veggie tamarynd peanut stir fry

I love Thai cuisine, and after I came back from Thailand I love it even more (if it’s possible!). Therefore I mix these sour, spicy and sweet flavours in many meals. This time I’ve prepared delicious veggie tamarynd peanut stir fry, which is smooth and crispy at the same time. A great idea for your next dinner! Read More

Bananowe lody matcha z dżemem chia z owoców leśnych

Matcha nicecream with forest fruits chia jam

Banana nicecream is something that I absolutely adore. And its combination with matcha is just amazing! I could eat it all the time. Lately I decided to combine it with forest fruits chia jam and it was a hit. Once you try them, you will dream about these matcha nicecream with forest fruits chia jam all the time. This, I promise you! Read More

Muffiny marchewkowe z kremem sernikowym

Carrot muffins with cream cheese

These muffins will be amazing not only for Easter. They are healthy, no sugar added and really easy to make. The mix of spices gives them great flavor, they are moist and aromatic. A mini replica of carrot cake – carrot muffins with cream cheese. Read More

Pascha czeko-matcha

Choco-matcha Pascha

Pascha is a traditional Polish Easter dessert, made from cheese. It’s like cheesecake without the base, very moist and heavy. Traditionally is made with dried fruits and nuts, but I wanted to do something a bit different. So I made this choco-matcha Pascha. Read More

Wegańskie zdrowe bananofee

Vegan healthy bananofee

Who doesn’t like a combination of bananas, toffee and cream? Now you can eat this popular dessert in a fit dairy free version. This vegan healthy bananofee is a dream come true. You can enjoy it every day without any pangs of guilt. Read More

mini quiche z boczkiem

Mini quiche with bacon

What I absolutely adore in all parties is finger food. I don’t like the mess left after eating salads – plastic plates everywhere. So I usually decide to prepare something that you can just grab in your hand and enjoy without wondering where is your plate. These mini quiche with bacon were a hit on a last party. They are a little bit similar to Spanish tortilla de patatas, since they are mostly made from potatoes and eggs. Read More