Błyskawiczna kasza jaglana z bobem i botwinką

Millet groats with chard and fava beans

You don’t have time to cook, but you still want to eat healthy, seasonal and quite cheap? Try this millet groats with chard and fava beans that you will prepare in less than 15 minutes! Read More

Tort matcha z kremem kokosowym z malinami

Matcha cake with coconut cream and raspberries

I haven’t made a birthday cake for a looong time. And that meant I had to figure out which one of the myriad idead that I had was perfect to use. I wanted something with season fruits, something creative and delicious. And then I made this matcha cake with coconut cream and raspberries. Read More

Szparagi z bobem i mozzarellą

Asparagus with fava beans & mozzarella

A perfect salad for spring, full of seasonal vegetables and just so beautiful. Green asparagus with fava beans & mozzarella – you definitely have to try this one this season! Read More

Tajskie stir-fry wegetariańskie z kapustą pak choi

Thai vegetarian stir-fry with pak choi

Thai food and summer goes together perfectly. Just imagine the refreshing taste of coconut milk combined with ginger, lime and aromatic curry spices surrounding crunchy vegetables… your mouth is watering already? Great! Cause here it is a recipe for Thai vegetarian stir-fry with pak choi. Read More

Wieloziarniste gryczane pancakes z jajkami sadzonymi i boczkiem

Buckwheat pancakes with fried eggs & bacon

A perfect breakfast. One of the best I’ve ever made. Grand, glamorous, dashy and effective – it keeps you full for hours. Buckwheat pancakes with fried eggs & bacon. You just have to give it a try! Read More

Co trzeba zobaczyć w Londynie

Must see in London

Londyn is a variety. Variety of everything – people, food, places, architecture. It’s the place where you want to be, even though it’s not as beautiful as Prague or Barcelona. Here are my ideas of the places that you just must see in London.  Read More

Bezglutenowa babka marchewkowa

Gluten-free carrot Easter cake

I don’t like those dry, Easter cakes. But I always loved carrot cakes, moist, heavy, delicious! So why not eat one of them for Easter! Here it is – gluten-free carrot Easter cake. Super easy, fast to prepare, sugar-free and really really good! Carrot make it moist and give it a twist and it looks so great! Read More

Jagielnik kokosowo – cytrynowy z herbatą matcha

Coconut lemon matcha milletcake

It’s a perfect fit and vegan cake for Easter. It has all colours of spring – fresh white, green and yellow. My dad was looking at it very skeptical thinking I made a vegatable cake or sth and asking why I couldn’t make a regular cheesecake. But at the end – he liked it! So here it comes – coconut lemon matcha milletcake for your healthy Easter! Read More

Jajka zapiekane z jarmużem i makrelą

Eggs baked with kale and smoked mackerel

I adore smoked mackerel, especially the one in the form of a fillet – since you don’t have to worry about fishbones – oh, I hate them so much! To be honest, I don’t eat enough of fish cause I’m losing all  my pleasure of eating when I have to deal with fishbones.  Here I don’t have this problem. So I get up and I make delicious eggs baked with kale and smoked mackerel for breakfast. Read More

2 days in Paris 2 dni w Paryżu

2 days in Paris – a complete guide with a trip plan

I have no idea how it happened that I still haven’t written anything about my place in the world. This is my absolutely favourite city. And I know that a lot of people don’t like Paris so much, but believe me – in most cases it’s because you haven’t seen the charming streets free of tourists and you only had time to see the must-see places, that are crowded with people. I had an opportunity to visit Paris few times already, sometimes I stayed there for a month. This time I had only 2 full days. And surprisingly 2 days in Paris can be enough to see a lot! Read More