Wegańskie pancakes bananowe

Vegan banana pancakes

Even though I’m not vegan, I adore vegan cuisine for its creativity. If you can use milk or eggs you have to think about different combinations! So sometimes I’m using this ideas too – this time I’ve prepared vegan banana pancakes – sugar-free, gluten-free, so for everyone! Read More

Gryczane pancakes z pomidorami i jajkiem sadzonym

Buckwheat pancakes with tomatoes and fried egg

I’m one of these people who love their breakfast sweet. Pancakes, omelletes, crepes, oatmeal…but, from time to time I’m in the mood for savory dish in the morning. This time I made buckwheat pancakes with tomatoes and fried egg – I adore this combination of fluffy dough with liquid yolk. Read More

Naleśniki z korzennymi owocami

Crepes with spiced fruits

I think it’s already obvious that I’m addicted to all kinds of crepes and pancakes. I could eat them in many variations every day for breakfast, but since I’m working five days a week, I’m able to indulge myself only on the weekends. This time I’ve prepared crepes with spiced fruits. Against the bad weather. For a better mood. Read More

Hummus klasyczny i dyniowy

Classic & pumpkin hummus

I am a big fan of a Middle-Eastern cuisine. I adore cumin and za’atar and I could add chickpeas with everything. I always keep a jar of tahini in my fridge and I if I could I would eat everything with a warm pita bread. No wonder I very often prepare hummus. This time I wanted to share with you my recipe for classic & pumpkin hummus. Read More

Sernik dyniowy z musem żurawinowym na spodzie brownie

Pumpkin brownie cheesecake with cranberry mousse

This cake looks absolutely splendid. Brown base, orange in the middle and pink-reddish top. When you top it with fresh rosemary it will become a decoration for your table. Beside the look, it also has an amazing flavor. Pumpkin brownie cheesecake with cranberry mousse it’s something that once tried – will always stay in your minds. Read More

Polenta z karmelizowaną cebulą i miodem

Polenta with caramelised onion & honey

It turns out that onion is yummy also when served sweet. So next time you will wonder what to prepare for a dessert try out this spicy polenta with caramelised onion & honey. Read More

Sernik czekoladowo-pomarańczowy na makowym spodzie

Chocolate-poppy seed cheesecake with orange

One of my favorite combinations – soft and creamy cheese, chocolate and orange. And on the top of that – a poppy seed base, so it will also be absolutely perfect for Christmas. If you can’t decide which one of the cakes to bake – this one has it all. Its heavy, moist and also a little bit refreshing thanks to an orange. May I present you – sugarfree – chocolate-poppy seed cheesecake with orange. Read More

Herbaciany sernik cynamonowy z suszonymi śliwkami

Tea cinnamon cheesecake with dried plums

Once, someone served me caramelized plums, which were first marinated in black tea. He served it with delicious breakfast toast and it was delicious. That’s where I took the idea for this cake from – tea cinnamon cheesecake with dried plums. You all know Christmas cheesecakes, full of spices and dried fruits. But I promise you, the addition of black tea makes a difference and it makes it special. It will be absolutely perfect for Christmas! Read More

Zupa dyniowo-czosnkowa z kremem buraczkowym

Pumpkin garlic soup with beetroot cream

This soup is absolutely amazing. Colorful, smooth and spicy. Mixture of Hokkaido pumpkin with baked garlic and black seed, combined with purple beetroot is fantastic. I can proudly say that it’s the best soup I have ever made. I promise you! Read More

chilli con carne

Chilli con carne

The hot & spicy, heart-warming classic – meal that I cook quite often, since I love how filling and delicious it is. This is my favorite way to make chilli con carne. Read More