Blåbärspannkaka – Szwedzki pieczony naleśnik korzenny ze śliwkami

Blåbärspannkaka – Swedish baked pancake with plums and spices

The Christmas markets are starting everywhere this week and the weather reminds more and more that winter is coming. But I’m still holding on to sunny, colorful autumn – at least on my plate. Today I’ve prepared a blåbärspannkaka – Swedish baked pancake with plums and spices. Have you ever tried it? Read More

Roasted autumn veggies with turkey

Roasted autumn veggies with turkey

These roasted autumn veggies with turkey are a perfect idea for a lazy day. This meal is fast, easy, delicious and practically you just wait until it’s made. So prepare potatoes, butternut squash, carrot and kale and on top of that add juicy turkey. And you will be happy with a nutritious meal. Read More

Placuszki dyniowe z kaszy jaglanej z powidłami dyniowymi

Pumpkin millet pancakes with pumpkin plum mousse

Not bragging – but this combination is just delicious. Those pumpkin millet pancakes with pumpkin plum mousse will blow your mind, I’m not kidding. Millet with my favorite autumn delights make the perfect breakfast on lazy weekends. Plus, they are healthy, gluten-free, sugar-free, fit and still super tasty. Also very easy to make, you don’t need a lot of time and while you’re preparing them you can glimpse out of the window to see the splendid colors of the season outside (unless it’s raining, then don’t look out of the window, just imagine sunny autumn 🙂 ). Read More

Wegańska zupa ziemniaczano marchewkowa

Vegan potato carrot soup

Have you ever tried yeastflakes? They are just great in pretending to be cheese, so they are just perfect for vegans or all of you that can’t eat it. They add that cheesy flavour to all your meals. You can use them for this warming, thick, creamy vegan potato carrot soup. It’s so simple, cheap and just delicious, so give it a try! Read More

Buckwheat apple pancakes with caramelized plums

Buckwheat apple pancakes with caramelized plums

I always dream about sunny autumn. When I get up in the morning and I can admire all the colors of the season dancing on the tops of the trees in the park. Still a bit of green, more and more browns, yellows, oranges. With a cup of coffee in my hand I admire the sunlight falling onto those colored leaves and I’m enjoying breakfast. Apples, plums, cinnamon. Nothing else is needed. Read More

Pumpkin risotto with green peas

Pumpkin risotto with green peas

I can never get bored with pumpkin. When it’s the season, I bake it, I fry it, I cook it. I mix it with so many things that I lost count already! This time I made a pumpkin risotto with green peas, so give it a try! Read More

Tajskie curry z dynią, tofu i zielonymi warzywami

Thai pumpkin curry with green veggies & tofu

My love to pumpkin and curry has to be used together. So I added my precious pumpkin to Thai curry paste and  it turned out they go together so well! Here it is – Thai pumpkin curry with green veggies & tofu. Read More

Zupa marchewkowo dyniowa z cukinią

Pumpkin carrot soup with zucchini & ham

My beloved pumpkin is everywhere now! Finally! It screamed to me from all groceries. So I took her home. But zucchini and carrot became extremely jealous, so I had to take them too – as well as broccoli, since he almost started to cry. I took them all home to take care of them. And I blended them. That’s how cruel I am. But how tasty was this adoption! Read More

Pełnoziarnisty omlet pieczony ze śliwkami

Wholegrain baked omlette with plums

Season for plums is blooming! It’s almost a crime to ignore them when cooking and baking in autumn. They are healthy and delicious, as well in savory meal as in sweet ones. Combined with cacao and cinnamon they are just perfect. And that’s what this wholegrain baked omlette with plums is all about! Read More

letcho with millet groats

Letcho with millet groats

Everyone knows letcho. Hungarian meal, full of paprika and tomatoes. Splendid for summer. Sometimes you make them vegetarian, sometimes you add zucchini. There are myriad variations of it. This time I decided to mix it with my beloved millet groats. And it goes together so well! Read More