Zupa z liści i bulwy kalafiora

Cauliflower leaves & bulb soup

Delicious, fast and extra easu soup – cream made out of these parts of cauliflower that we usually throw away. This time – just cook them, spice them, blend them and enjoy a delicious dinner. So, who is ready for a cauliflower leaves & bulb soup recipe? Read More

Shakshouka z makrelą i szparagami

Mackerel & asparagus shakshouka

I’m a sweet breakfasts person. But once in a while I’m in the mood for a savory meal – and then, it’s usually shakshouka. I serve it with whatever I have in my fridge, which makes it also a great zero waste dish. This time I’ve made mackerel & asparagus shakshouka with zucchini and kale. Read More

Placuszki gryczane z musem rabarbarowym

Buckwheat pancakes with rhubarb mousse

When it’s a rhubarb season it really is a rhubarb season for me. I eat it all the time, using it for cakes, crumbles and breakfasts of course! This time I made healthy, dietetic and also oil-free and sugar-free buckwheat pancakes with rhubarb mousse. They are very easy to prepare so catch the recipe and prepare for the morning! Read More

Szparagi z halloumi i sosem tahini

Asparagus with halloumi & tahini sauce

Why I love May and June so much? It’s not only because of the sun and wonderful weather, but mostly – because of green asparagus! They are in season so shortly that I practically eat them every day. And they are so easy to prepare. And they taste great when you grill them. Seriously, try this! Especially combined with cheese, sesame sauce and pomegranate. Asparagus with halloumi & tahini sauce. Perfect for a barbecue, perfect for dinner, perfect for breakfast, perfect for every occasion, really. So, do you want a recipe already? Read More

Bajgle z awokado, szparagami i truskawkami

Avocado, asparagus & strawberries bagels

if you’re looking for a way to fancy up your avocado toast you will love this breakfast idea – avocado, asparagus & strawberries bagles might be your new favorite sandwich. Crispy bagel with creamy avodao and crunchy green asparagus, sweetened with strawberries and a bit of balsamico – it creates a great food experience. Do you want to try? Read More

Pełnoziarnisty dutch baby z musem rabarbarowym i truskawkami

Dutch baby with rhubarb mousse and strawberries

I love sweet breakfasts. I’m absolutely crazy about crepes, pancakes, fritters…this one is another idea for fast, delicious and fit start of the day. You can prepare it within seconds and then you just need 15 minutes to bake it – this bakes crepe is super easy and goes well with all your favorite toppings. Dutch baby with rhubarb mousse and strawberries. Read More

Zielony stir fry ze szparagami

Green asparagus stir-fry

Since I came back from Thailand I prepare stir-fry very often, in myriad different variations. If you have a set of oyster and fish sauce it takes you just few minutes to make a healthy, fast and delicious dinner. This time I made a greeen asparagus stir-fry – yes, in May there will be plenty of asparagus recipes here! Read More

Kokosowe ciasto jogurtowe z rabarbarem

Coconut yoghurt rhubarb cake

You will love this cake. Seriously – it’s one of the best rhubarb cake ever! I’ve eaten 4 pieces one after another. It’s moist and fluffy thanks to yogurt, not too sweet and rhubarb makes it refreshing. Plus, its dietetic and fit – no white flour, sugar-free. It’s mainly oat and coconut flour, that give it amazing flavour. A simple and easy, quick coconut yoghurt rhubarb cake. Read More

Budda bowl ze szparagami

Budda bowl with asparagus

What kind of asparagus are your favorite? I adore green ones – they don’t require peeling, they are crunchy and – above all – they have beautiful green color. That’s why they look so amazing, whatever is the dish! Mixed with other vegetables and grains they create amazing meal – I’m sure that you will want to make this budda bowl with asparagus! Read More

Cream of asparagus ends soup

What are you doing with asparagus ends? You toss them out? No need! You can make a really good cream out of them, which will have all the asparagus flavour and will stop you from throwing them away again. This way you don’t waste your money, nor food – and you can cook perfect cream of asparagus ends soup. Completely zero waste! Read More