2 days in Paris 2 dni w Paryżu

2 days in Paris – a complete guide with a trip plan

I have no idea how it happened that I still haven’t written anything about my place in the world. This is my absolutely favourite city. And I know that a lot of people don’t like Paris so much, but believe me – in most cases it’s because you haven’t seen the charming streets free of tourists and you only had time to see the must-see places, that are crowded with people. I had an opportunity to visit Paris few times already, sometimes I stayed there for a month. This time I had only 2 full days. And surprisingly 2 days in Paris can be enough to see a lot! Read More

Wytrawny konopny omlet biszkoptowy

Savory fluffy hemp omelet

Hemp flour one more time. This time it’s not going to be a sweet recipe. This perfect savory fluffy hemp omelet will blow up your mind. Made from hemp flour and millet flour, served with corn salad, zucchini, eggplant and paprika. Topped with olive or linen oil it’s a very nutritious breakfast, full of amino acids and Omega fatty acids. Read More

Pankejki konopno – kokosowe

Hemp coconut pancakes

Hemp flour is my latest discovery and I absolutely adore it. It has a wonderful, a little nutty flavor and beautiful dark green color. If you use it for baking it’s better to mix it with other kind of flour – for example you can make these delicious hemp coconut pancakes. Read More

Omlet z łososiem i awokado

Salmon & avocado omelette

Simple, delicious, healthy fit breakfast. Morever – this type of breakfast that will keep your belly full for a long while. What else do you need? If you try this salmon & avocado omelette I promise you – you will come back to it all the time. Read More

Zielone smoothie warzywne

Green veggie smoothie

It’s a perfect cocktail for people struggling with candida, fructose intolerance or who can’t eat fruits for any other reason. Do you miss you green smoothies? You really don’t have to resign from them! You can make a delicious, refreshing green cocktail full of vitamins and minerals also without fruits. Here it comes the recipe for green veggie smoothie. Read More

Kasza jaglana z pesto, awokado i indykiem

Millet groats with pesto, avocado and turkey

Here I present you – an extremely easy and quick meal. At the same time it’s delicious and healthy. Millet groats with pesto, avocado and turkey. If you’re a vegetarian you can use tofu instead of turkey or just skip the meat. It will still be so good! Read More

FIT placuszki owsiano – bananowe bez cukru

Fit oat – banana pancakes

Those are ones of the easies pancakes you will make. They always work out, are delicious and fast to prepare. Fit oat – banana pancakes without sugar. Instead of the latter I’ve used banana and thanks to oats and seeds they are very nutritious. Read More

Smoothie bowl z kaszą jaglaną

Smoothie bowl with millet groats

Lately smoothie bowl with millet groats is my favorite breakfast. It’s much more nutritious than just a smoothie, but still light. Sweet, but not too sweet. And it gives you energy for a long time. Just a perfect breakfast! Plus, it’s very easy to make. All you need to do is to blend fruits and add cooked millet groats to them. Read More

Why it's worth to visit Utrecht

Why it’s worth to visit Utrecht

When you plan your trip to the Netherlands you think about Amsterdam – of course. The city from all Instagram photos and postcards, full of bikes, colourful buildings, canals and coffee shops. Sure, it’s great. But there is another town, not so overcrowded with tourists, that I find much more charming than abovementioned Amsterdam. And therefore I want to tell you why it’s worth to visit Utrecht. Read More

Ciasteczka owsiano jaglane bez cukru i mąki

Oat millet cookies without sugar and flour

These oat millet cookies without sugar and flour are perfect. There are plenty of versions of them in the Internet – no wonder, cause they are a great, healthy snack. Low in calories, almost without any fat, full of healthy ingredients. Sweets, but fit ones. Read More